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Spirit Hunters Book 2 - "The Open Road"

Out Now! The second volume in the Spirit Hunters saga.   Follow the further adventures of the fox priestess Kitsune Sura and her team as they chase monsters, fall foul of ghosts and face weird mysteries in the lands of the Sacred Islands.   Spirit Hunters – Delightful adventures in a magical Japanese “otherwhen”.   […]Read More »

GeneStorm: The Weird-lands

Announcing the Weird-lands! A huge sandbox campaign setting for the GeneStorm RPG   Thousands of square miles of mapped terrain. Hundreds of detailed locations and encounters. Villages and settlements, lost cities, flying ruins – new species and mutants, and new rules for hyperspace ghosts and sinister entities from other dimensions.   Just pick up and […]Read More »

The GeneStorm RPG

The fabulous GeneStorm post-apocalyptic RPG is out!   A gorgeous setting full of adventure.characters can be hybrids of all manner of animals, plants and beings. This  is a post apocalypse that has vista and flavour. A wonderful adventure setting full of fun and excitement!   The game has inspired the two delightful GeneStorm novels.   […]Read More »

Heroes of Morhost RPG

The first of my new RPG games is out!   Heroes of Morhost is a fantasy role playing game set in a universe of anthropomorphic characters. Swift to learn, exciting to play, with species and skill rules that allow infinitely customisable characters. A game with real atmoshpere!   Available at DriveThruRPG http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/7089/Kitsune-PressRead More »

A Fistful of Quidloos!

Kitsune Press is proud to announce its new line of tabletop games. Starting with “A Fistful of Quidloos”!   A FISTFUL OF QUIDLOOS! A hilarious beer-and-pretzels dice game for 2 or more players. Players pit  gladiatrixes against one another at the bestest of sinister alien overlords! Out not via DriveThruRPG! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/7089/Kitsune-Press    Read More »

C5  Fey Out now on LULU! A wild, hilarious romp through the lands of fantasy!   When Surge comes to Fey, new horrors are created. New races, new lands and whole civilisations suddenly appear. Living or dying by their own merits, these strange new arrivals have tuned Fey into a strange and vibrant world.   […]Read More »

GeneStorm novel - Book 2 "Fort Dandelion"

      GeneStorm Novel 2 GeneStorm: Book 2 – Fort Dandelion Budgie riders, yeoooh! Sword swinging, gun toting action in the post-apocalypse! As Colonel of the Spark Town Cavalry, Snapper finds herself handed tough new assignments. Tasked with raising a fort to protect settlers, Snapper leads an expedition out into deadly territory.   But […]Read More »

Heroes of Morhost RPG - coming soon!

Now in development! “Heroes of Morhost” (‘Fangs, fur and Fury”) is a brand new tabletop role playing game.   The game is a richly detailed, gritty, fast to learn and fun to play. The setting is very 12th century in its technology, with a setting inspired by central europe, Russia and the Byzantine empire. Anthropomorphic […]Read More »

New Novel! "GeneStorm: City in the Sky"

It’s out! Sabres, sharks and six-guns! Rip-roaring fun! A wonderful furry adventure novel. Pure fun! Hope you all enjoy. Hard-copy http://www.lulu.com/shop/paul-kidd/…..-22178473.html Kindle version at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XWBXISA Genestorm: City in the Sky The apocalypse has come and gone. The aftermath is a whole new world. The world of the hybrids. — “Spark Town” is home to a […]Read More »

A Whisper of Wings - reprinted at last!

  A new hardcopy edition is out!   Paperback: http://www.lulu.com/shop/paul-kidd/…..-22160660.html   Hardcover: http://www.lulu.com/shop/paul-kidd/…..-22176983.html   Currently both versions are available at a 10% discount. The book has the painting that I originally commissioned as a cover from Terrie Smith, which has waited far too long to see the light of day. Great to have this out […]Read More »

"GeneStorm" RPG now up on Indigogo

My new tabletop Role Playing Game, GeneStorm, is now available for crowd funding Check out the Indigogo site here: http://igg.me/at/genestorm GeneStorm has a wonderfully colourful setting – a weird post apocalypse rife with genetically hybridised creatures. The environment has come back to reclaimthe ruins of a fallen civilisation, and countless new lifeforms have evolved. The […]Read More »

SPIRIT HUNTERS Book 1: The Way of the Fox. - Out now!

It’s out! SPIRIT HUNTERS Book 1: The Way of the Fox Print copies via LULU http://tinyurl.com/mt6nm22   The Spirit Hunters stories are wonderful romps set in a magical Japanese “Other-When”. The stories follow the adventures of a group of monster hunters and exorcists as they wander the realm of the Sacred Islands. Full of action […]Read More »

New Publications on the way!

Gasp!   I’m just in the last phases of getting a new novel ready for publication. “SPIRIT HUNTERS BOOK 1: THE TAO OF THE FOX” is a gorgeous set of tales. The books follow the adventures of monster hunters in a fantasy world akin to medieval Japan. So – ghosts and foxes, samurai and cunning […]Read More »

EFFECTUATORS Book 4: Sweet Albion! - Out now!

Yaaaay! My latest novel is out! On Kindle: And Hardcopy:   Effectuators! Filled with monsters, evil plots, and characters who have a damned fine dress sense! This latest book is a gorgeous spree of Victoriana. This is a huge volume, longer by far than the others in the series. Tons of fun in 1870. It […]Read More »

Brain burny!

Well, the 2nd draft of the 4th “Effectuators” novel is finally done. This has been a huge job, but a joyous one. I’m very drained now – time to take a rest! It will take a few weeks for the edits to come back, so I can clear my head and remember what sunlight looks […]Read More »

Effectuators in Hard Copy

Huzzah! Effectuators volumes 1, 2 and 3 are now available as hard copy books via LULU print on demand.   These are rip-roaring adventures filled with ghastly monsters and the terribly well dressed protagonists who pursue them. Thrill to the adventures of Brilliana Stetham and her associates as they pursue all kinds of horrid beasties […]Read More »

Abiding in a mustard seed:

Hey folks! well – I’m setting up my new novel and getting it begun: the 4th in the “Effectuators” series. Rip-roaring Victorian paranormal adventures, starring the incomparable Brilliana Stetham and her friends. Spiffy! This novel sees the Effectuators team rampaging about Austria, plunging into the catacombs of Paris, and flitting home to defend the Queen […]Read More »


  Gad! Well – we’ve started the year with some new releases. My latest “Effectuators” novel is now up on Kindle.   EFFECTUATORS Book 3: “To Foreign Shores” Available on Amazon Kindle.   My “Castles and Crusades”module “Town of Kalas” is also out now both as hard copy and PDF. This module is an absolute […]Read More »

About Paul Kidd

Paul Kidd is prolific creator of intellectual properties across a vast range of genres and media. Few people have his breadth of experience in creation for so many formats – novels, role playing games, computer games, film, TV, comics, animation direction, voice acting

Paul is renowned as both a comedy writer, and as a writer of adventure fiction. His work includes Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Fiction: Romance, Horror, Cartoons and even Musicals.

A passionate historian, dedicated researcher and cheerful loon, he has a deep love of little lead soldiers, weird critters and role playing games. He is usually found lurking on or about the continent of Australia.

Paul’s list of colourful “about the author” jobs include serving in the Australian Light Horse, and having been a Vampire Cowboy. Amongst his odd little qualifications are strange and colourful skills such as Japanese swordsmanship.

Twitter: PaulKidd_author
Email: Paul@paulkidd.net
FA: Patpahootie

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Pure Hubris / Kitsune Press
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author
Perth,Western Australia

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