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The new dark age.

It is the year 1949. Across the continent of Europe, a new dark age has come. From Britain to the Russian steppes, the swastika reigns supreme. The extermination camps stain the skies with ash, while in the schools the children learn the litanies of a new world order.

It is the new dark age.

It is the age of Neue Europa.

The remnants of the Free World have gathered. European exiles, Free Russian and Commonwealth stand beside the USA as America strives to turn the tide.

Democracy against fascism. Light against dark. Mankind’s last, most desperate crusade.

The year is 1949 –

And World War Three has finally begun.

A novel by Paul Kidd

An alternative history novel, Neue Europa is set during the conflict between the Nazi empire and the US alliance in 1949.

Hitler has won a victory in Europe during WWII, with Britain capitulating and Russia falling to attack. Over the next 9 years, Europe is warped and mutated to fit the Nazi dream. The ‘Aryan’ races such as the English are fully integrated into Nazism. National borders disappear as nations are reduced to ‘Marks” of the Nazi state. Finally, the expanding Nazi empire begins to flex its muscles against the USA.’s sphere of interest. World War 3 starts as a brushfire war – a ‘Vietnam” in the Middle East.

The book follows a Free Russian fighter ace – the female pilot Ilnya Anastasiovna Saraikov – a tortured, haunted killer. In the course of the story, she falls into a strange relationship with a young Australian officer of the Desert Patrol. Obsessed with her own longed-for release into death, Ilnya tries to awaken Peter as an artist – seeing this as her last act of redemption.

A wonderful love story – an excellent action novel. Filled with battle, air action, humour and larceny.

This is a book for anyone who ever loved Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler novels. The writing is often brutal, drawing on a great deal of in-depth knowledge of German slang and Nazi ‘habits’.

It is habitual these days for many people to trowel over Nazi attitudes and atrocities with a sense of duty and nobility. “Your enemy is not evil in his own eyes”

Neue Europa’s answer is “That is why he is evil”.

Unlike most alternative histories, this one is the product of a great deal of research and debate. The equipment used by both sides has been carefully chosen. This is not a book about ‘whacky weapons of the Luftwaffe”. Both sides have won wars in the early 1940’’s, and have brought home the lessons they have learned. “Blue Sky” research such as potential Manhattan projects have been shelved during the inter-war years. Once conflict becomes inevitable, they are dusted off with a vengeance.

When reading interviews with German aces, I was amused to see a shocked report from one German flier about action against the Russians in WW2. A German ace had been hit by a Russian fighter. The German belly landed in an open field – and immediately had to flee his aircraft as the Russian dove in to kill him. The German took shelter in a ditch. The Russian pilot then landed in the field and strangled the German ace to death with his bare hands – then climbed back into his aircraft, rejoined the dogfight and shot down two more German aircraft.

That was something that defined Russian attitude to the war. That was what I wanted Ilnya to have…

The book uses Australian characters, and is deliberately “Australio-centric’ when the action is seen through those character’s eyes. Sorry folks – Australian soldiers really DO see American military as depicted in the book. And Australian soldiers of the period were renowned for stealing anything not nailed down. The Larceny of the Australian characters was one of the most delightful parts of writing the novel.

– And the love story between Peter and Ilnya remains one of my favourites.

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